With Xicaru Silver 102° Fernando Santibañez honors the tradition of master mezcaleros, who prize the concentrated characteristics of high-proof mezcals. Fernando selects a smaller cut from the heart of the distillate, giving Xicaru Silver 102° a bolder, more robust flavor.

Xicaru Silver 102° differs from Xicaru Silver in the way it is distilled. A narrower cut is taken from the heart, where the alcohol, smoke and agave are more concentrated. Xicaru Silver and Xicaru Silver 102° both utilize traditional mezcal production methods passed down from generation to generation.

Origin: Oaxaca, MexicoWood: Mesquite & ocoteStill: Copper alembic
Palenque: MatatlánMash: Tahona methodDistillation: Double
Agave: 100% espadinFermentation: NaturalProof: 102
Oven: Conical stoneFermentation tank: Pine vatNOM: F193D

The Strength Of The Jaguar
The ancient Zapotec symbol of the jaguar here demonstrates its power and dominance, and well represents both the heritage and the strength of Xicaru Silver 102°.

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