Respect for tradition
Xicaru, the Zapotec word for beautiful, reflects Fernando Santibañez’s desire to share a traditionally produced mezcal that is approachable and distinct. Using his grandmother’s recipe, Fernando makes small batches of Xicaru Mezcal with time-honored methods at a palenque in Matatlán, Oaxaca. This mezcal showcases the 100% Agave espadin from which it’s made. Its natural smoky flavor is derived by cooking the agave in a conical stone oven on mesquite and ocote, woods native to Oaxaca. The cooked agave is tahona mashed and naturally fermented in an open pine vat. A blanket of spider webs in the rafters of the distillery lends distinction to this process. Following fermentation, the must is double distilled in a copper alembic, filtered and precisely blended to 81 proof. The final product, perfected over generations, has earthy characteristics on the front palate which give way to citrus and rich vegetal agave notes that finish distinctively clean. A tinge of smoke complements these flavors without overwhelming the delicate balance found in Xicaru. Fernando is extremely proud to be able share his family’s mezcal with you. NOM: F193D.
Origin: Oaxaca, MexicoWood: Mesquite & ocoteStill: Copper alembic
Palenque: MatatlánMash: Tahona methodDistillation: Double
Agave: 100% espadinFermentation: NaturalProof: 81
Oven: Conical stoneFermentation tank: Pine vatNOM: F193D

The jaguar symbol: In ancient Zapotec culture the jaguar symbolized great strength and agility. The Santibañez family home of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, derives its name from this revered creature. We utilize the jaguar to reflect the tradition and heritage used in crafting Xicaru Mezcal.

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