Tasting & Technical Notes
Clarity: Clear
Legs: Long
Color: Crystal-clear
Condition: Restrained
Development: Complex, balanced
Character: Dried fruits, fennel
Sweetness: Medium
Body: Full-bodied
Intensity: Medium
Mouthfeel: Full and chewy
Character: Dried fruits, especially apricot and other stone fruits, underpinned by creamy barley and faint notes of pepper, overlaid with fennel
Alcohol: Balanced, evident in the finish
Finish: Long, complex and balanced
Quality: Outstanding
Origin: Sweden


A clean, restrained nose awakens interest with fennel, dried fruits and warm cereal, giving way to a delicious, rich mouthfeel with hints of sweetness, stone fruit and very faint marzipan.

These full-bodied flavors are beautifully balanced by the alcohol, which is present but never dominant. The finish is long and complex, reminiscent of ripe apricots with slight peppery notes.

Cariel Batch Blended may be the best example around of both the craftsmanship and subtlety of a master vodka distiller; it dares to have flavor in a category renowned for neutrality, and uses alcohol to underpin, but never crowd, an aroma and mouthfeel unsurpassed in the vodka world.

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