Tasting & Technical Notes
Clarity: Clear
Legs: Medium, slow
Color: Faint hue of gold
Condition: Very open
Development: After initial blast, consistent and powerful
Character: Woody vanilla with dried fruit giving way to creaminess
Sweetness: Faint sweetness, rich and round
Body: Medium-bodied
Intensity: Medium
Mouthfeel: Filling
Character: Initially acid / citrus giving way to a light, faint woody vanilla, rising to a rich cream finish
Alcohol: Quite apparent, vanilla — alcohol air, both on the nose and in
the finish
Finish: Long—lingering, pleasant, creamy vanilla aftertaste
Quality: Outstanding—delicious
Origin: Sweden


A delicious woody-spicy vanilla aroma commences, developing to a full, creamy succulent flavor unspoiled by cloying sweetness, filling the mouth and delivering full-on floral / creamy vanilla, almost-dried ripe raisins, new leather and very faint dried flowers on the nose. In the finish, all this intensity steps gradually back, second by second, stripping the flavor down to a lingering, pleasant, vanilla- alcoholic air. The world's best vanilla vodka, and a fine spirit in any category.
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